Carolina Precision Core Drilling

Providing concrete core drilling services for Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Greensboro Core Drilling Company Pictures.

Carolina Precision Core Drilling and the many pictures we take. We often get great pictures of our work as we are doing it. Core drilling holes in concrete walls and floors for contractors and homeowners. From sizes 1" to 14" we can drill up to 30" deep in most concrete buildings or structures. Some of these go back as far as 2011, others are more recent. 99 percent of the shots were photographed by our youngest member of the core drilling team. We are able to provide service for most of central North Carolina. We core drill for contractors who made need penetrations for HVAC, fire sprinkler, plumbing, electricians, and landscaping. We also core drill for homeowners who need our core drilling service when remodeling or building their house. We can penetrate reinforced concrete, brick wall, brick floors, concrete walls and concrete floors, block walls and reinforced concrete block walls.

14 inch core drill plug
14 inch single
3 inch core hole in wall
4 holes drilled
8 inch core drill holes in sidewalk
angled drilling
buckets for water source
carmax drilling sc
carolina core drill company001005
carolina core drill002001
carolina core drill002002
carolina core drill003001
chapel hill nc core drilling
close 5 inch
close up core
construction coring
core drill samples
core drilling at taco bell for new tables
core drilling concrete steps
core drilling connelly springs nc
core drilling for handrail
core for plumbers
core on its side
cpcd drilling a wall
drill it son
drilling in sand
dumpster 12 inch core drill hole
garaginger high
gary cole stadium core drilling
greensboro federal courthouse overlook
greensboro federal courthouse
how to drill high on wall
matt showing a core
our old truck
our work truck f 150 ford
our work truck f 350 ford
pattern of holes
sharon school rd elementry
six holes in floor
stadium core drill
stand up core drill rig
taco bell core drill
under the floor after core drilling
water core drilling
wes drilling
wll rig
working on coring

and more to come.....

Most of the time we do take pictures of each project. Depending on the weather of that particular work day.