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Providing concrete core drilling services for Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Greensboro Core Drilling Company.

Carolina Precision Core Drilling in service since 1997. We core drill holes in concrete walls and floors for contractors and homeowners. From sizes 1" to 14" we can drill up to 30" deep in most concrete, brick or block buildings or structures. Offering prompt core drilling service and able to schedule your needs quickly. Located near the great cities of Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte. We are able to provide service for central North Carolina. We core drill for contractors who made need penetrations for HVAC, fire sprinkler, plumbing, electricians, and landscaping. We also core drill for homeowners who need our core drilling service when remodeling or building their house. We can penetrate reinforced concrete, brick wall, brick floors, concrete walls and concrete floors, block walls and reinforced concrete block walls.

So why might I need to hire a core driller?

Core drilling is one of those subjects that both sounds simple, but yet mysterious! When describing what exactly is concrete core drilling it may be summed up to a method of using a powerful drill with a hollow steel tube diamond tipped bit to make a hole of a certain diameter in masonry objects that may or may not contain embedded steel. Well as that may be a bare minimum explanation. The reason to hire a experienced core driller are that it is just plain dangerous to attempt without some prior knowledge of how it can properly be performed. Most core drill motors are a minimum of 2 horsepower, creating enough torque to physically throw a person to the ground or worst yet off the side of a building if doing so above grade. Aside from the harm that can be inflicted when used improperly another reason is Hole Size. A common hammer drill can usually drill hole diameters of up to 2-inches with a carbide tipped bit. The core drill bits we stock and use come in sizes of half-inch up 14-inches. Of course if some type of reinforcing steel is present then most carbide bits will not cut through the steel. A core drill bit, on the other hand, is tipped with man-made diamonds that can cut both masonry products and steel at the same time.

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Residential core drilling.

matt showing a core

Homeowners often need a hole drilled for home improvement projects. A 10-inch hole in a brick chimney for a new fireplace. A 6-inch hole though a basement wall for updating an existing kitchen or bath. We have helped hundreds of local Greensboro North Carolina residents improve additions to basement floors, patios, sidewalks, and garages.

Commercial core drilling.

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Contractors of all trades use our professional service to bore perfect holes through heavyly reinforced concrete. Many of our recurring customers involve the fields of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, concrete contractors, fire sprinkler line installers, fence and handrail makers, landscapers, irrigation line installers and many more.

The best Equipment.

drilling 10 inch core holes

We use only the best and fastest coring bits. Specially designed 10 millimeter teeth loaded with the highest quality diamonds. Every hole is perfectly smooth upon full exit of the bit. Utilizing Milwaukee heavy-duty Dymodrill motors with the drilling capacity beyond that of any competitor. Your project will get completed faster and more efficiently than your average crew. On flat floors with concrete poured over metal decking for platforms we have been able to core drill up to 20 holes an hour on a good day.

Local downtown

Greensboro job sites have included the new Miriam P. Brenner Childrens Museum located at 220 North Church St, Greensboro, NC. where we cored all the 6-inch holes in the retaining walls where the protective metalwork is installed to keep the small patrons safe while visiting the site. Also we had the honor of drilling 5-inch and 3-inch holes in the aged limestone at the old L. Richardson Preyer Federal Building on Market Street when they were remodeling a few years ago during the great pandemic. Most of the parking garages that seem to be popping up everywhere in have been drilled by us including the ones on 12th street and the new Hilton across from the Guildford county services buildings.