How do we price core drilling a hole in Concrete?
For the most part we average the prices we have charged during previous core drilling projects and with a little experience come up with this list for our customers.

The core drilling price hole is just an average general list of what it may take to core drill a hole in concrete for you.

These core drilling prices are not set in stone and may change depending on the circumstance like where the hole is to be drilled, time of day, total amount of holes per work order and distance from Greensboro NC.
A one time charge per project. For Example using the chart below: 4 6" holes would be (Setup charge) $200 + (hole price) $240 comes to $440 for the the price it will cost for the concrete core drilling needed for our sample project.
If you have any questions and need and official quote or estimate for your core drilling project you may call 704-245-0119
Core Drilling price list.
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In the table below you can see what we charge to core drill holes through both concrete walls and concrete floors. This is average core drilling prices for normal circumstances. Odd projects may be more or less. There is a discount when the miminum amount of 100 holes is needed.
Carolina Precision
Core Drill Inc.
Core Drilling Hole Prices
Size Core Drilling Floor Core Drilling Wall
1" core drill hole $50.00 $90.00
2" core drill hole $60.00 $100.00
3" core drill hole $75.00 $120.00
4" core drill hole $85.00 $140.00
There is a minimum set up charge of $200 plus the hole cost listed below.
Size Core Drilling Floor Core Drilling Wall
5" core drill hole $100.00 $170.00
6" core drill hole $140.00 $180.00
8" core drill hole $200.00 $250.00
10" core drill hole $300.00 $350.00
12" core drill hole $400.00 $475.00
14" core drill hole $600.00 $675.00