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Need a core drill hole in concrete? We can help.
Carolina Core Drilling since 1997. We core drill holes in concrete walls and floors for contractors and homeowners. From sizes 1" to 12" we can drill up to 30" deep in most concrete buildings or structures.
We offer prompt core drilling service and are able schedule projects quickly. Located between the great cities of Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte NC we are able to provide core drilling service for central and western North Carolina.
We core drill for contractors like Hvac, fire sprinkler, plumbing, electricians, and landscapers.
We also core drill for homeowners who need our core drilling service when remodeling or building their house.
We can penetrate reinforced concrete, brick wall, brick floors, concrete walls and concrete floors, block walls and reinforced concrete block walls.
Holes in Concrete.
Concrete Cores
Carolina Core Drill
Ever wonder what can put a 3" hole in a concrete wall or concrete floor?
A core drill machine is the answer.
Diamond tipped core bits cut perfectly round, clean holes in reinforced concrete, brick, asphalt and concrete block.
A "core" for the general purpose of concrete core drilling, is described as the inner material left after the core drill machine has cut a bore hole in a concrete building or structure.
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We core drill nearly 8,000 holes in concrete yearly.
Core Drill Bits
We now sell high quality low cost concrete core drill bits for drilling concrete and metal at our shop in Charlotte NC Core Drill
Lowest cost core drilling bits in North Carolina!
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